An AAAA record is an Internet protocol address within the freshly presented IPv6 format and it consists of 8 sets of hexadecimal digits, in contrast to the IPv4 IPs, which include four groups of digits in between 1 and 255. An illustration of an IPv6 address is 3014:0d43:23a3:2354:1320:8f3b:2635:3254 and in this format the total number of IPs that can be created is many times greater than the number of the IPv4 addresses. Each and every domain has its hosting server Internet protocol as a record and in essence, that record instructs the domain name where the Internet site for it is located. Depending on the system that the service provider uses, the record is going to be called A (IPv4) or AAAA (IPv6). Changing this record permits you to host your website with one company and your e-mails with another, so if you choose to use this sort of redirection to forward a domain address to a server that uses an IPv6 address, you'll need to create an AAAA record for it.

AAAA Records in Cloud Web Hosting

The state-of-the-art Hepsia hosting Control Panel, bundled with our cloud web hosting, will allow you to set up a new AAAA record effortlessly. When you're in the account and you go to the DNS Records section, you will find all records that you have for every hosted domain address or a subdomain under it. All it takes to create the AAAA record is to click the New Record button, to select the domain/subdomain in question, select AAAA and then simply enter or copy and paste the IPv6 address. We've got a step-by-step guide if you have never created records for your domains, but it is not likely that you'll need it as Hepsia is much easier to work with than other Control Panels available on the market. Within an hour your new record shall be working and your domain shall start resolving to the servers of the other service provider. Additionally, there is an option to edit the TTL value, which determines how long this record will be functioning if you edit it, from the default 3600 seconds to any value that the other company may require.