Commonly customers check out only the features they're going to get with a particular cloud web hosting plan and tend to forget something just as important - the service uptime. As efficient as a plan might be, regular downtimes could lead to lower search engine ranking positions and lost customers regardless of what the explanation for them is. Not surprisingly, very few people would come back to a website that's inaccessible half the time, not mentioning the wasted funds when you have invested in an advertising and marketing campaign. This is why, whenever you buy a new web hosting plan, you should ensure that the service is going to be stable and your websites will be online constantly. This means more traffic, or in case you have an online store, for instance, higher uptime means happier customers.

Service Uptime Guarantee in Cloud Web Hosting

We guarantee 99.9% network uptime for each cloud web hosting account on our servers. We take advantage of an avant-garde cloud hosting platform in which each and every part of the hosting service is addressed by a separate cluster of web servers, therefore if one machine fails, the other ones inside the cluster will take over instantly. The cloud platform also lessens the overall load greatly, and so the hosting service is considerably more stable compared to a service through which everything runs on just a single machine and your sites will perform in the best possible way. We furthermore have redundant Internet lines and diesel-powered backup generators to make sure that your websites will stay online no matter what. Hardware and software firewalls ensure the correct operation of the machines in case there is DDoS attacks while in the case of any software trouble, we have professionals overseeing the web servers 24/7.